14th Oct

The National Library, a Division of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), has released four books in Braille language, a tactile writing system for the blind and visually impaired people.

Launched in coordination with the Community Service Department at TCA Abu Dhabi, the initiative further supports the National White Cane Safety Day celebrated annually on 15 October.

“In line with TCA Abu Dhabi's vision to promote reading and enhance availability and reach of books for all segments of the society,  this initiative reflects an unwavering commitment to help people with disabilities lead a normal life and become active in the community,” said His Excellency Juma Al Qubaisi, Executive Director of TCA Abu Dhabi’s National Library division. .

The National Library has selected four books from the old Arab Heritage series ‘The Eyes of Arab Prose’, including ''Kalīla wa Dimna'' by Ibn Al-Muqaffa'; ''Maqamat'' by Al Hamadani; ''Al-Sadaqa wa Al-Sadiq'' by Abu Hayyan Al Tawhidi; and ''Alathkia'' by Ibn Al Jawzi that are now available in Braille.

The release of the four books also meets the significant shortage of books printed in Braille in Arabic literature, and provides visually impaired people with the opportunity to access different genres of Arabic literature.

TCA Abu Dhabi is committed to help people with disabilities through various events, including the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and Al Ain Reads Show that have several programmes dedicated to old and young people with special needs, in addition to printing books in Braille language.