The Poetry House

14th Oct

The Poetry House Magazine, is a monthly one printed by Sultan Bin Zayed Center for Culture & Media, publishing the popular poetry and heritage, and taking a place at the display shelfs and cultural galleries in the UAE. The Magazine deals with studies and researches, the critic readings and dialogues with famous figures in the fields of culture and innovation.

 The magazine issuance came; to reflect the vision Sultan Bin Zayed Centre for Culture and Media to sustain the role, and trying to rise up the   poetry action in the cultural movement, and move the local poetic experience to the more distinctive levels.    The magazine seeks as well   to link poetry to other fine arts such as photography, music, composition, it also works to document ancient and modern poetic heritage, and open the door wider for constructive criticism prospects. It is a specialized monthly magazine documenting the creative local Arabic and international poetic experience. The magazine's Chief Editor is HE Ahmed Al Rumaithi, General Director of Sultan bin Zayed Center for Culture and Media, and supervised by Zebin bin Omair,   and Ali al-Masoudi is the Editing Adviser.

The Magazine deals with poetry issues, poets, and blending Arab and   other cultures in a positive atmosphere that respects the privacy of our Arab societies, and welcomes the dialogue and debate the cultural, political and social issues of our society.


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