Saif Mohammed Al Merri

04th Oct

Saif Al Merri, a poet and an Editor in Chief and General Director of Dar Al Sada Press 1998. Managing Editor for Al Bayan Newspaper, 1985-1998.‎

Saif Al Merri, the poet, holds a Bachelor Degree in Education of Psychology, UAE University 1984 and a Graduate Diploma in Gulf Studies, UAE University, 1985-1986.‎

The founder member of the Culture and Science Symposium, Dubai.‎

He has an active presence in the literary and cultural fields, as well as, participating in many poetic, cultural and newspaper symposiums. ‎

Saif Al Merri was born in Dubai 1962.

His publications:

1-‎Lyrics and Clusters, Poetry Book ‎

2-‎Ashes on Flame, short stories‎

3-The Bells of the Letters, Prose Articles, January 2013‎

He was honored by the Arab Foundation and the Omani Society for Authors and Writers.‎

‎Saif Al Marri has certain principles  which are clearly reflected in his poetry and literature, in general. He said: ‎

‎"If the man is the real resource of any nation, then the culture represents the spirit of the  nation that distinguish it from other nations. As much as the sophistication of the culture can be, as much as the Arabic cultured person can progress. The Arabic culture is one of the oldest human cultures rooted in the soil of civilization. The Arabian culture has provided the basis for the progress of mankind. Without the Arabian contributions to science, art and literature, the world would be still mired in the dark ages.” Bells of the Letters, 2013.‎

‎Saif Al Marri belongs to the Modern and Classical Poetry. He developed a strong poetic form, winged with fantasy and sincere emotions. He wrote a variety of topics, mostly focusing on the human aspects of the individual. The features of his poems give attention to vowel rhyme and scale. He said in his "Ahlam Al Shabab" poem which means, "The Youngsters Dreams “:‎

‎ Respond to me, you are about to kill me‎

‎Oh, Gazal you took my mind away‎                    

‎Did your eyes discovered what in my heart?‎

 No doubt they are sharp like a sword‎‎                               

‎Oh, beautiful young woman, pity on your lover   

‎You have accumulated  the blame , so please stop blaming ‎

‎The illness of passion is terminal‎         

‎How many lovers before me complained that.  

The poet Saif al-Marri creativity kicks off in his poem of deep thought and philosophy of life which added More versed language and is able to give the veins of his poem Aesthetics and embroiders the luscious images and fantasies, even they are not the most beautiful of them , there are more sweet and beautiful .

The poems of Saif al-Marri have saturated meanings with rich poetic vocabulary exceeding normality and places to paint virgin horizons and contribute to the deepening of visions and connotations. And his poetry features the formulation of the poetic phrases through careful harmony patterns and organization in order to form in line with the passion and contribute to highlight the poetic culture.

All this serves the formations  of dimensional capillary and pays the poem to sparkle, and plays a linguistic inventory role in enriching the poem and extending linguistic structures where the new  and  active  ,     using of the poet technical elements increasing the connection of   verses of the poem  by rhythm and wide imagination and rhetorical  images  Similarities and - metaphors  ) and sentences of new construction and sentences  of grammatical techniques and. He says in a poem entitled "The month of the Guidance and the Victory":

 Who heals the heart of pains?

Its passions and tiredness 

To a young man his lovers departed away

 Left behind them longing lives in his gut

Strong sadness has torn his heart

 Abandonment increased his suffering

 That is the case of when living in the heart

He feels cured if the love traces are still there.

  The critic Abdel Wahed Mohamed in the magazine guide book has published  an article titled "Vision of the collection of the poet Saif al-Marri about his  book (Songs  and Panicles " which stated: "as if the poet Saif al-Marri is suffering from a wound  but no respond to his appeal, and holds many question marks, which goes on in his path looking for his dream  , came in a convoy probably did not admit his love for those who do  , and this is the challenge of mind and conscience swing between light and darkness , to become the title of a poem, travel may come out of the illusions confined to those who do not know how love could  be a message and homeland.

Saif al-Marri with live the event, taking us to his poem "In the throes of Sleepers":

 The night has passed, the bodies of sleepers are awakened

Although the sun is still in my country in the dark

O wanderers

 The day means the souls to get up of hibernation

 Day is coming

Despite all sleeping people

Day is coming

How long you lash minds with ideas and revolt

 My homeland I redeem you of what they do not have.    

 My freedom is my soul

 I offer you all what I have

Of his publications:  Songs  and  Panicles (collection of poems), the   Burning  Ashes (short stories), Bells of  Letters (articles prose - January 2013),  The panicles 2003, the Spider's Web in 2010, and others.