Marzook , Muznah and other Stories

20th Sep

Short stories collection written by Asma Al Zarouni printed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development in 2009.

Asma Al Zarouni collection of short stories, "Marzouk and Muzna and Other Stories" Have won the Prize of Sharjah International Book Fair, at its twenty-eighth version, for the best local book in the field of the literary creativity category. Printed in sixty pages, spread over three stories, the first of UAE heritage and titled "Marzouk and Muzna", and tells the story of the local folklore to carry connotations of moral and social education through planting good values in young people and teach them the courage and strength and ability to face problems with wisdom and smart thinking.  The other two stories entitled "The story of Ahmad and the Fish", and "The Sparrow and the Homeland". Through these stories, the writer was trying to carry the little reader to other educational and national dimensions.