The Soul Diaspora

15th Sep

A poetry collection for Safaa Al Saadi , issued by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development in 2009 entitled "  Soul Diaspora". It contains dialogues, internal monologues and reflections on the human existence and all aspects of life, cultural, political,   intellectual and social .It contains a collection of poems of the classical form of poetry.  The contents have been treated with modern technical style of wisdom, passion and national feelings with different titles:

   “To God I complain " " The times of anxieties," "Monologue to God," "Light upon light" in the divine intimacy, and "No to say goodbye," " Life Accessories", "Mom" in self and social reflections ,"Feelings of Foreigner” , "The story of a Home Land  ".

 When talking about the national feelings, she started opening up to the prospects of the Arab commitment to the issues of Palestine and Iraq.

 Other titles for her in this collection:   “My eyes", “Thanks Letters " "They blamed my Characters", "My characters"," Oh Letters Najla" and "Razan" in the complaint, joy and praise, perfume filled of love fragrance.

 The book reveals a strong poetic outpouring to poet empowered of the language of classical poetry and clever methods of dealing with the idea   with exposure in the musical context but in the appropriate meanings and images with music fast  poem forms and content.

Safaa Al-Saadi   writes   to the homeland a poem of loyalty, belonging and proudness, talking about the Arab peoples suffering of occupation and aggression, but armed with a desire to continue life and hope.