Jaber Naghmouch, Most Famous Comedy Actor in the UAE

15th Sep

Author: Haytham yahya Khawaja (Syria)

Here is  the comedy actor Jaber Naghmouch  , who astonished  the audience in the play (High Cost of Dowries - Strange Things) Since then, he loved the theater and began to submit works of   comedy Arts.   Dr Ali Abdullah Faris says in an interview with the artist published in the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality magazine in number (408) in May 2011

"Jaber  Naghmouch  since 1969 and until 1972 presented the plays  (Patch the dress from the Same cloth  ) , (desire), (Titi Titi ) and the    (Union Operate ) festival.

 Jaber has continued his  trip with theatrical art, insisting on giving, excellence and the affiliation with faith and conviction of the theater, introduced in the first half of the seventies operetta diving in 1973 and operetta unity, and artworks written and directed by Mr. Badran, and play (  Oh Strange Dunia) written and directed by Fouad Obeid.

The TV series (Antara People) were the career beginning to this brilliant actor at the television work, and when he contributed with his colleagues Abdullah Al Ostaz and saeed Bomian and Hamad Sultan Ahmed Gnewat in the declaration of Al Ahli Theater in Ras Al Khaimah in February 1976 under the chairmanship of Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Humaid Al Qasimi.

He presented a well-known plays in the history of theater in the UAE. He introduced the play (Why oh time) on 06/24/1976 written by Abdullah Al Ostaz and directed by Mohammed Desouki, and won public admiration and appreciation.

Jaber  Naghmouch has been working in the theater as his first passion, and although it proved significant presence, he remained in search of more engagement with this great art.

Jaber Naghmouch has sacrificed a lot for this art, either with respect to the effort to cross the road between Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah on a daily basis, with roads that were difficult at the time, or in terms of   own circumstances.

Goodwill was given to the artist Jaber through his  ability to perform difficult comedy roles made him so famous, especially in the TV series   introduced in 1999 (Hayr Tayer) by Jamal Salem, who reached (150)        episodes made in the years 1999 to 2000 -2001-2005-2007.

  Having intense TV business kept him away from theater. The works which gave him excellence are: Sun Alqoael 2003 Firebrand of longing   2006- 2008 Good luck, Color blindness 2009- 2010 Tannaf Times, Tmache 2010.

 This comedian theater and TV captivated the hearts of people by his    spontaneous art, the easy and difficult approach,   and his deep vision of the role he is playing by his presence that attracts the audience, either through body language or through the colored performance.

Maybe his rich childhood gave a strong support in his theater performance. He learned the diving job with his father Sultan Bin Humaid Naghmouch. Then he joined Omani Sports Club in 1969. In addition to that, he was fond of narrating comedian tales for his friends. He studied the Theater Activity in Kuwait and was affected by Abdul Hussein Abdul Riza, Saad Al Faraj, Khaled Al Nafessi, Om Jassom and Bo Jassom and others. The scout camps had a positive factor to consolidate his acting techniques through different parties.

Today Jaber Naghmouch stands in front UAE famous TV actors, and he is one of the founders of theater activity in The United Arab Emirates.