ZENA the Queen – History Ammunitions and heritage

15th Sep

Author: Abdullah Al Sabab (UAE)

When you go through the novel " Zena  the Queen"  you cross six chapters, and more than two hundred pages. Starting with "Almaeirdh", the birthplace of the narrator who does not hesitate for one minute to evoke his childhood there, from that time (06/09/1956), and through the sixties and the seventies of the twentieth century. Since that childhood, he speaks about himself.  Particularly in the age of ten, since the early morning, at the extreme heat, he was bringing the water and dates by  the donkey from the " Al Hodeiba" towards "Almaeirdh," then go to " the barge ", to cross water from the creek to creek  .." Abu Rish proudly talking about growing up there – in the village, what a deprived village, I grew up in a place more destitute, and I think than destitute.  This uprising has its positive sides. It  has created  major suffering in me, and whatever happens I will not  get rid of this great interior suffering, a delicious one, and travel for the " Zena" manned sedition, and business acumen, and disasters both obvious and hidden in the same time .

  This is "Almaeirdh"  the scene of plenty of events shown to  us since the beautiful beginnings of time, and even beyond that of tales taken place in our  life where ambiguity and clarity,   death cases, animals,  houses and alleys, citizens  and their visitors, from humans and animals, various objects, the fact was  or  fantasy world and myths .. "Almareidh" customs and traditions, and what invaded the village of customs and traditions of different places, maps.. "Almaeirdh", with raging questions. Deferred at times and accelerated another time, and the salty answers sometimes, net and fresh at other times.. It that with details and strange contradictions that do not cross the thinking of any one, due to the oil boom that swept the country from   water to the water. It is the same "Maeirdh" say the narrator "Abu Rish,"  washed by the sweat of the sea, and dust  land pigments  .It is "Almaeirdh" with own prayers, own relations  with its neighbors, and the everyday  commercial and social activities, and cafes crowded tales, the truth and what  was polluted by  the fabricated kidding stories .

This is the "Al Maeirdh" of Ali Abu Rish, and thousands upon thousands of the inhabitants of those sleepy village on the beach.. people who went with the spirit of death or wind life, and the few residents still in the ship of mourning on the ruins of the sleeping village on a booby-trapped beach of abandonment and other objects like elegies.. .

  That is the  "Mareidh " of  Ali Abu Rish,  and that is Zena  the spoiler of   " Youcef Al Rawi" and the Queen of his heart and  his vaunted manhood in front of her to the extent that capture  her femininity,  discovering the legacy  of earth women ( They play rejection while they want it), and secure the advice of life received from her mother a few days   before the date of her marriage: (husband is the back of woman and wife bosom of the man, be for him a ring, he will  be for you a bracelet), especially when  " Youcef is matching" his virility " with the sailor Ahmed Bin Sultan"  the yellow exhausted  and infected with tuberculosis and his money and his riches cannot cure him. 

" Youcef Al Rawi" has nothing in his pocket, but his heart is rich and full of laughter to help overcome the old sadness, leaving the "Queen  Zena",   with her chickens, and a battalion of cats, always having a date with the "Anonymous of Mareidh", spotted cats, and white with red hair, yellow, and black embroidered white with her hair, and even small "Salwa" which died before them, and her dog "Fahd" which is not abusive and gives everything in his power for her tranquility and safety.   " Youcef  Al Rawi travels in his long story" leaving " Zena the Queen in a "(roofed tent  with the poor people aspirations), battling the evil beasts, and evil tribulations, and the evil human beings .

Youcef goes in a the last trip, leaving behind him Zena, and leaving his   traces, his breath, his movements, his words and deeds and practices of the day and night,   leaving behind "Almaeridh " as a whole, ashes , pomegranates, righteousness and the sea.    Leaving her with her men stuffed of different ideas, and visions and good behaviors  , or suspicious or exciting to laugh or ridiculous or disgusting,   or seeking pity and pray for mercy or good advice. And leaving behind him a battalion of entertaining women for Zena, or the sleeping women in the midst of muttering, or tainted of virtue or laughter and roaming from trail to trail.

 Youcef who tells his wife what he wants of tales and images, and  practiced with her his heroic masculinity without grumbling from " Zena" and without the slightest doubt of his virility:

(.. True if you have married someone else, if your husband was Ahmed bin Sultan the sailor, you will have too much money, but you will lose many nights you do like, such as the oud. The poor, rich man, but a  sick yellow and his body is  exhausted  , no longer able to do what we do   at night , and then spin  his mustache proudly,  saying: God damn the money if they do not bring good health .

  Zena looks at him with coquetry.  Youcef Al Rawi  was feeling fed up when  he gets a surprise health malais . He considers the"influenza “as odious demon attacking him whenever  he exaggerates love relation, feels that the disease caused by the jinn who inhabit the bodies of human beings, so he was saying to Zena :

Zena, I'm afraid you are obsessed of jinn, I prefer to die but not to share you my lovely- Date palm- with anybody, referring to her body..  Zena with wry smiles, saying:

 Do not worry so much, you men are all the same   , every woman for you is the most beautiful in the world. Youcef  laughs, fragmented under emotions of desire and obsession with the flu, and then puts pressure on her hand,  Zena feels warm heat of his hand, his desire hidden under his skin overheating,  she closed eyelids and speed up the submission of lemon Cup, he looks at her  jokingly saying:

Lemon is my vicious, enemy, because I heard that it aborts desire.

 Zena answers with tenderness: You are the only one who does not care of disease or medicine. Take a lemon, and trust in God. Youcef  Al Rawi    interrupts her saying :  do not be envious woman .I fear nothing but women eyes.      

 The woman replies gently: but my eyes are so soft at you.

Youcef says; and beautiful too. (Pages 9-10).

 Youcef who lefts her while extremely tired and isolated and waiting     her death, waiting what is coming of the unknown womb, is the same as the " Yousef," which overlooks her from time to time, and between overnight, reminds her ears of her memory may introduce happiness to her heart, or extinguished the fire of her loss hidden in her hair etched in white.

Here is " Zena” covering the ground with a wry smile, p. 210, then whispering: (.. no harm that I open my eyes, to see, Youcef Al-Rawi, has slept dreamy in the cradle of the siesta   put my hands on his face, then kiss my face, and say: Do not worry Zena the Queen, O Queen, do not worry of absence, your eternity is enough for me to become the greatest man in this world .. Oh you are the greatest woman, the greatest.) pp. 210-211

And so on ( Zena disappeared and the body  became cold and the heart  soft like a piece of meat , a truce of absence, and eyes are no more bleu     then the face becomes  red and intervention in yellowish white, Zena is     absent,  but the secret of her disappearance  remains within the warmth of containment.. final  inhale  expelled the remains of what is left for the death language  . "In the last travel, he took a seat of her pleasure, the eloquence of death, p. 212."

 Zena the Queen" A novel in which the writer "Ali Abu Rish," has mobilised  al linguistic energies, and his repertoire of heritage, and history  , and invested in his academic studies, "Bachelor of Psychology", so he made the novel, like a dictionary of special Emirati environment ,various details and reasons .. This novel, which toured us in different parts, different angles, from "Almaeidh" old village rich with its human elements,   including the novelist "Ali Abu Rish" born - 06/09/1956.   This novel, needs a smart machine crafty and skilled, able to detect the insider, and lines breath.

As you, my Arab readers, if you want access to the writer Ali Abu Rish   school-fiction, chapter by chapter, and line by line, you have to break free from your ego, and everything that may hinder getting out. The same long-writing, which is characterized by "Abu Rish", needs more patience than the same length of the reader who must arm himself well, to travels in the breath of"Ali Abu Rish," and his novels.