The Flag of Emirates

15th Sep

Author: By Sameh Kawaach (Palestine)

The Emirates Flag has a story of the relationship related to the existence and establishment of the UAE.  The Flag lifted up by the hands of the founding leaders who built the modern state to have a place at the forefront of the world countries.  The Flags dear places are not only at high long masts, but in the hearts depth.

 The flag is seen and appreciated by the young eyes before the old generation, young and adults. It is the Flag with colors highly estimated by the Arabian people not only in the UAE. Colors inspired from the     famous poet Safi al-Din Al Helli : "white is our good deeds,  black are our battles, green are our pastures, red colored are our swards " . The same image has inspired a young Emirati Abdullah Mohammed Al Mainah, who is now the UAE Ambassador in Chile, while watching the UAE flag, raised by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan at the proclamation of the UAE the second of December 1971.

 Al Mainah was inspired by Flag of the UAE 4 colors: green, white and black at the bottom and red, to become the symbol of our homeland and holiness. It has become with glory a source of inspiration for the thinking an innovation all over the past years. The fluttering Flag gave different visions in aesthetic spaces, reflecting the feelings of the creators in particular, and the first of those timeless verses, the Emirati poet Dr. Arif Sheikh “Live long my country, live long the Union of Emirates Federation “. That remained in our minds when we salute    the flag since 1986.

  The flag means a lot for fathers, mothers, sons, for poets and      children at school chanted the national hymn looking at the flag.

 The same feeling in all Arab countries. In Lebanon the poet Rashid Nahleh wrote chanting words in love for the Flag as equivalent to the homeland, in saying "We are all for the homeland, for the nobility, for the Flag," . In Saudi Arabia, soldiers and students in the morning meeting   repeat the words of the poet Ibrahim Khafaji: " Live long the King, for the flag and the nation," and here in the UAE, leaders and people salute the flag in his love and loyalty to his stature the symbol of the country and source of pride  and belonging .

Showing loyalty and love to the country, many citizens and high rank people, Sheikhs, ministers express their sincere feeling the Flag including H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum , wrote a special poem to the Flag to show the strong relation the Flag and soldiers and people defending the symbol of the country . In the Flag day H.H. said:  

Our Flag flatter higher in the sky 

 Who raised you are the Union creators

By their blood they scarify and save you

Your people and soldiers if the battle comes

 His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, is talking to flag with high respect, and speaks to him as a human being aware and symbolizes the proud of the nation,  to recognize the nation and the pillars of consciousness.  speaks to him in vocabularies singing the rhymes, coming out of heart not only by the tongue: using proudness and nobility, qualifying  proudness as a dress to cover the flag’s body and borrows the painter’s and artist brush to proceed with the formation back to the Flag panel, symbolism deep colors White, Red, green, and black. He said:

The dress of pride you are

Four colors the symbol of our country

White is for peace, live in peace

The red is for bravery and steadfastness

The green for our pastures

The black for enemies to live in mourning

This belonging to the Flag is inherited from the former president Sheikh Zayed to the actual president Sheikh Khalifa mentioned in the Flag poem by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed as following:

Khalifa for you is a glorifier and protector

You are in his eyes, heart and hands

He received you with high esteem and respect

From the right hand of Zayed

The ink of glory talked about you

With letters of light not of ink.

He is referring to trust and heavy responsibility symbolized in the Flag from father to son, two leaders unified the will of people to lead the ship to the peaceful harbor, to the coast of welfare and progress. He continues:

In front all the Flags go ahead

At your people you can rely on

We celebrate you and the country is singing

Your name as the Union’s Day

As if Zayed is smiling in the sky

And feels happy with your flattering.