Azza Al Qobaisi

03rd Oct

As  artist specialized in design and drafting of jewelry, Azza Al Qubaisi is seeking access to the largest category  of followers locally, regionally and globally, to spread her  ideas concerning the environment and heritage through her jewelry (mini- masterpieces).

The observers of her work during the last ten years, noticed a considerable development and growth appeared in  her technical cutting jewelry before jumping to works of art in public places. Gradually Azza Al Qubaisi has learned to develop her skills and capabilities so enjoying the employment her experiences while dealing   with various articles of precious metals, gems, leather, plastic, natural materials, industrial minerals, asphalt and finally palm fronds.

Azza Al Qubaisi through her talent is promoting awareness about the unique nature of the UAE national identity through her artistic style and expertise.

 In 2011 she won the British Council award for young designers entrepreneurs for the design and fashion category. She represented the UAE   in London week of fashion.  She was the first to win the UAE women’s Award in 2011 for two different categories,    (businesswomen category, and community contributions).

Azza Al Qubaisi was born in Abu Dhabi in 1978 and studied in London.  She got on the Initial Studies and an Art Diploma at Chelsea College   , and a Bachelor Degree of Arts with honor in the formulation of silver, jewelry design and similar crafts from London prestigious Guildhall School of to be the first UAE citizen specialized in jewelry  design at UAE. She received a certificate of evaluation of diamonds from the HRD Institute of stones in Antwerp - Belgium. She is actually following   a master's degree in cultural and creative industries of the Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi.

After returning back to the country she launched a premium brand   "ARJMST", and founded to the laboratory of Arab jewelry and precious stones in Abu Dhabi. Under that name comes a number of technical jewelry sets such as: "Eternal", "Emirates", "Echo", "Marin Symphony" and "Tears of Angels," which in turn tells the story of a journey to find pearl in the Arabian Gulf.

Azza Al Qubaisi  is considered  one of the most important symbols in its field, and leading a successful business developed their capabilities and skills to be the first designer and manufacturer  for gifts and awards such as the Million's Poet contest and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in     addition to HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global purebred Arabian horse festival. Through her presence  as a speaker and volunteer, she created    a non-governmental non-profit project in 2006 under the name of "Made in UAE souvenir" founded as it aims to develop and promote local craft industries in the UAE as well as the development of cultural exchange of crafts program through the display of craft products from the world countries.

“In 2011, Azza Al Qubaisi launched a local initiative in Madinat Zayed   of the Western Region under the name of "Touch creativity" to train a group of female graduates in Madinat Zayed in design and drafting of jewelry. That group of Emirati talents will prepare local creative designs inspired by local heritage and the environment and the development of the UAE Western Region by Emirati talents in cooperation with the competent authorities in the region.