Abdul Qader Al Rayes

09th Sep

The artist Abdul Qader Al Rayes is one of the creators in the UAE and one of the most prominent contemporary artists in the Fine Art in the pan - Arab world.   Abdul Qader Al Rayes is committed to his technical approach focusing with romantic feelings at the human and the nation, and inspired by the heritage, and makes the past and present alive in his water and oil eternal paintings.

Artist Abdul Qader Al Rayes has been able to create for himself a name for more than thirty years of authentic artistic production ,and inherited a special place among the creators of contemporary artists. His artworks have contributed in highlighting the specificity of art movement in the United Arab Emirates and the incorporation of new trends such as the direction of the "post-influential" based on the intensity and the weight and size of the color in the artwork. But more characteristic of the artist Abdul Qader Al Rayes that was a world leader in the transfer of fine art in the UAE from local to global.

Artist Abdul Qader Al Rayes is born in Dubai in 1951 and earned a bachelor's degree from United Arab Emirates University in 1982. His artistic talents began to emerge early and then gradually evolved slowly through the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century. But soon Abdul Qader Al Rayes became the most outstanding artist, and his name in the famous arts exhibitions in the UAE and the GC Countries. Although he came to the art as a hobby, but later took a decision to embrace professionalism becoming the first professional artist in the history of art in the United Arab Emirates.

Artist Abdul Qader Al Rayes has contributed in the establishment of Emirates Fine Arts Society and served as Vice President. He activated    his participation all arts assemblies between 1980 -1995. He took part   in more than 50 technical personal and collective exhibitions inside and outside the UAE.

 His first participation in the spring exhibition in Kuwait in 1965 and organized a series of personal exhibitions in Beirut, Washington, Germany and Czechoslovakia. He represented the United Arab Emirates in many fine art galleries as Casablanca, Kuwait, Riyadh, London, Madrid, Geneva, Vienna, Seoul, Warsaw, Paris and Athens.

As a recognition of his ongoing, renewable and permanent artistic contributions in the local, Arab and international arbitration commissions, the artist Abdul Qader Al Rayes won a set of gold and silver awards and certificates of appreciation at the Arab and international exhibitions, and got the State appreciation Award of Sciences, Arts and Letters in the field of painting and drawing in 2006.