Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children

13th Jul

Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children is founded on the belief that culture is essential to understanding both ourselves and the world in which we live today. The overall aim is to enrich the cultural lives of children and prepare them to welcome their future. The Centre offers a safe, joyous and creative environment for children and their families that draws on Emirati and Arab cultural heritage, the creativity, vision and expertise of Renowned artists and other professionals, and the dynamism of the world that unfolds around them. It aims to bring awareness to children and increase their understanding of their surroundings, nurture their creativity and future aspirations, and to provide a grounded sense of connection with the Emirati cultural heritage.


Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children’s vision is to be a welcoming, imaginative, joyful learning environment for children and their families. It seeks to nurture creativity, curiosity, and aspiration, and give Emirati children an appreciation and love of their authentic cultural heritage as they begin preparing to take their leadership place in the modern world


Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children’s Mission is to develop future leaders by providing a cultural stage dedicated to enriching the lives of children. It does this through wide-ranging cultural learning and artistic programs based on experience, participation and free choice.


Provide a safe, welcoming environment for children and their families, that encourages curiosity, creativity and learning Encourage imagination, crativity, self-definition and responsibility Give children a love of their cultural legacy, and an experience of its relevance to the modern, globalized world Offer new understanding, expertise and models of excellence Develop skills, confidence and the ability to understand the world around them Build an institution that teaches, collaborates, shares and leads, and that holds true the values and skills at its core