Young Scribes Learn the Beauty of Calligraphy at SCRF

27th Apr

The ancient art of calligraphy is being passed on to a new generation of authors who  are delighted at the prospect of using elaborate curves and italic waves while writing their masterpieces at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, being held at Expo Centre Sharjah until April 29.

Sharjah Public Library has been holding a series of workshops at the festival (SCRF) dedicated to the stunning cursive script, which appropriately takes its name from the Greek words ‘kallos’ and ‘graphein’ meaning ‘beautiful writing’. Calligraphy has been used throughout the Arab world for 14 centuries and continues to be seen as an art form in its own right, with many examples being framed and exhibited in both public and private galleries.

One of the workshop leaders, Muna Saed, says the sessions are designed to ignite a passion in the young authors and artists rather than explain the intricacies in their first lesson.

“At the beginning, we showed them a painting which used calligraphy as the central feature on a moonlit background and they were immediately hooked. They were desperate to get started on their own lettering,” she said.

“That’s the effect calligraphy can have and after plenty of practice and patience, they will be able to replicate a similar design and then go on to create their own distinctive style.”

The 11-day SCRF is a fun-packed, entertainment-filled festival of discovery, creativity and excitement and an interactive platform that also brings together some of the world’s best children’s authors to read their popular works to their fans. SCRF also offers an ideal platform for publishers to showcase their new titles.

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