Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais

03rd Apr

UAE poet, was born in the town of Sharjah Emirate of confusion, the United Arab Emirates, in 1925. 
I love his family knew of the literature and culture, and of them had a number of poets, scholars and writers, a poet Emirates Ali Bin Salem Al Owais, Omran Al Owais, historian, and writer Ali Al Owais Ahmed and others.

Sultan grew up in the House of Science and Literature, tap the Mainhma the people to be distinct from the poet poets Emirates .. His hair and has spread his secret at the Gulf and Arab .. Sultan was known poet in many of the famous literary circles in both Lebanon and Syria and Egypt .. Annexed and relations of friendship and Literature with many well known poets and writers in the Arab world .. The exchange of visits, including documentation of these cultural ties .. Sultan and some of the poems, with mutual and poetic inscriptions .. Has been able, through these relations to be an ambassador for his country and to know Bharae many of the UAE in Arabic forums.

Sultan grew up on the trade from a young age .. The family of known Alailat linked by trade and is closely linked since ancient times, the best known of them the late Ali bin Abdullah Al Owais, the father of Sultan Al Owais .. Achieved in this field a great success .. It was the Pearl of skilled traders (Touachin), defined in this trade and the profits generated, the dam and the market eased dazzle .. Sultan Al Owais has benefited from the practical use of his trade with his father .. And expanded his business by the development of trade and the circumstances of the times and he was successful in many areas.

Work in the pearl trade, and the work of several other, and travel between India and the UAE, which earned him the movement of trade and the practice of life and extensive experience.
A collection of poems in print, has addressed many of the critics, scholars and authors of it, these studies have been compiled in a book issued by the Federation of UAE writers book entitled, "Sultan Al Owais dealer obsessed with hair." 

Published the first volume of poetry, which includes poems published in the Cabinet and the first published newspapers and magazines of the poems.

Shelling in the hair, although it started hair systems for more than thirty years, and the poets at the forefront of the UAE, and the link between two generations of writers and poets, poets At the forefront of yarn in the Arabian Gulf.

Suspended part of its funds devoted to the joy of cultural award bearing his name and has made several contributions to all aspects of humanitarian and charitable and cultural level of the Arab world.
This award, which bears his name and is considered one of the most prominent awards in the Arab world, the initiative came from the expression of interest in the intellectual and literary creations, giving many of the creators of the Arabs in the areas of intellectual and moral innovative.
The award, which was developed under the auspices of Al Khaimah, the special independent cultural institution, under the Amiri Decree No. (4) for the year 1994, issued by the Office of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, the Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.

The charitable and humanitarian work in the UAE, with similar contributions in all aspects of humanitarian and charitable and cultural level of the Arab world.

One of the founders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a member of the board of directors for several sessions. 

Chaired the boards of many leading companies to contribute to, and held membership in many of them.

Died on the fourth of January (January) 2000.