Emirates Fine Arts Society

15th Mar


Gives Attention to all kind of visual Art in the UAE.


Ø Gives Attention to the visual art and cooperate in spreading it in the United Arab Emirates. 

Ø Safeguarding the rights of artists and members of EFAS.

Ø Supporting art talents with the training courses in various professional disciplines.

Ø To provide moral, material and media support for local artists.

Ø Represent the State in all official domestic and international exhibitions.

Ø Exchange of experience and establish relationships and activities with various state institutions related to the common, locally and internationally.

The Emirates Fine Arts Society was established as a non-profit organization in 1980. The aim was to develop fine art, to nurture young talent, to represent of artists of the U.A.E. at local and international events as well as to support artists and provide them with moral and media support.

The Emirates Fine Arts Society helps promote art education and art appreciation among the public, in particular to national artists and conducts art workshops, seminars and lectures, in painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, photography and calligraphy. The society also encourages artists to get together, assists with exhibitions and produces publications and periodicals on fine arts.

The Society has its headquarters strategically located in the center of the Arts Heritage area in House Square in Arts area of Sharjah.