Project Scope

The project aims to cover the cultural scene in the United Arab Emirates as a subject, and the culture in the context of this project used in is broad, rich and most established meaning, which covers the following sub-fields: literature, composition, performance art, theater, and cinema.
The project deals with any cultural material within the framework of its subject, language and location since the oldest date as possible to stand the limits of the first phase of this project at the date of the launch of the website of the Encyclopedia, and then the information update will be more accessible and easy without the need to return to the procedures conducted at the beginning of the establishment of the project.
This project taking from the United Arab Emirates as major axis revolves in its orbit being an entity of power and privacy; that does not prevent that there are some treatments of the cultural products in all parts of this country in a balanced manner; also does not prevent the project from placing the culture of the United Arab Emirates in their natural context on the Gulf, region and global levels.
This project aspires to be in six languages (Arabic- English- French- Spanish- Chinese- Russian), which represents the six official languages ​​in the world; giving the outputs of this project global fame and spread, and writes the Emirati cultural scene in more than one language. However, the launch of this project will begin in Arabic then English; efforts after that will be to translate the original product.