Sheikha Alyazia Al Nahyan Artworks featured at London’s Konooz

06th Oct

Artworks by Sheikha  Alyazia Bint Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan have been featured at Kunooz fine arts exhibition and auction in London. The auction was run by Christie’s while the Woman Success & Growth Foundation organized the exhibition. 

The exhibition, held under the patronage of Sheikha Al Alyazia Al Nahyan, will reserve part of its revenues to humanitarian organizations supporting women and children in the Arab world.

The exhibition feature three artworks for Sheikha Al Alyazia, the first was from her Carrom Station series. In her formation, she combined times and cultures within a canvas of colors. The carrom, the worldwide known oriental classical board game came with a modern design of the Play Station, the very popular modern electronic game.

In her creation of a bridge that married classic and modernity, the artist raise a question about the possibilities of bridging the gap between old and new.

Her second artwork, Dish, explained how our ideas being created from useful and nonsense inputs of information gained from different media around us. Accordingly, we are the products of what are being fed through screens everywhere. Or, as it said, our personalities are created by what we eat!

In Exaggeration, from her Parts of the Story series, Sheikha Al Alyazia used a miniature of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis- 300 BC- to express her idea of the way to create our ideas and concepts, exaggerated ones some times. A bulge in the artwork conveyed the idea of exaggeration.

Christie’s of London, international Sharjah Art Gallery and artists from the UAE took part in the exhibition. Those included Najat Makki, Khawla Darwish, Fatema Al Hammadi, Farishta Al Bastaki, Sumaya Al Rais, Saud Al Dhaheri, Muna Al Khaja and Salim Al Junaibi.

From Iraq, Alaa Basheer, Eman Karimi, Ehsan Al Khateeb, Haidar Al Qassam, Mahmoud Hasan, Najat Bakki, Mohamad Fahmi and Dr. Riyadh Matouq also participated.

Naseema Abul Husn from Lebanon, Nadia Azzam from Palestine, Suhaila Al Najdi from Kuwait in addition to jewelry designers from the Middle East, Far East, UK and Africa, including Azza Fahmi, Amal Al Hajiry and W. Salamoon displayed their creations at the event.

Zainab Al Farhan Al Imam, Director of the Woman Success & Growth Foundation, said the objective of the exhibition was to display the talents of female Arab artists on the international scene. These artists made a great contribution to the development of modern fine arts.

The event provided an international platform to shed light on the creativity of the artists and designers, exchange experiences and develop relationship among them. We focused on creating an environment that stimulated aspiring artistic talents and built harmony and work relationship, she added.

Artist Ehasn Al Khateeb, also an art estimator at Sharjah International Art Gallery, said the organizers of the event were very careful in their selection process to reflect the high quality standard expected by international artwork collectors and audience.

The exhibition provided a rich opportunity to know more about outstanding female artists with the qualities required at the international level, he said.