Juma AI-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage

04th Apr

Juma AI-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai is considered as one of the landmarks visited by all those who come to United Arab Emirates since it contains the academic heritage of the Ummah and the contemporary scientific civilization.

It was founded by Mr. Juma AI- Majid who was overwhelmed by a desire to serve the citizens of United Arab Emirates, in particular, and academic research scholars worldwide, in general. Mr.JumaAI-Majid, being a sensitive man and a lover of knowledge, felt that research scholars suffer hardships getting books they need. Hence he sought to alleviate their sufferings and overcome the difficulties they face obtaining the desired book.

In 1989, he laid the foundation-stone of the building which gradually grew and developed till it became full of treasures of knowledge which he put within reach of scholars wherever they may be.

He broke through his local limits to international dimensions. He goes to any place, however far off, to acquire an old manuscript or a rare book if it comes to his knowledge that there is one, a manuscript or book which was once the beacon of light, in the hope that acquiring it will dispel the gloom of darkness.

Since the goal of the Center was to serve and promote knowledge, the Center was divided into a number of departments, each department having a distinct goal and program and each serving seekers of knowledge.

Our Vision

To be a cultural reference, attracting researchers and lovers of heritage.

Our Message

Collecting various cultural, intellectual and heritage materials, and submitting  them to researchers in an easy way.

Our Values

Sincere commitment and dedication in the performance of work.

Distinction and excellence in serving the researchers and scholars.

Providing a creative and professional work environment, committed to the values of teamwork and respect.

Achieving development and continuous improvement through highly creative ideas and talents.

Our Goals

Seeking to collect and protect the human heritage.

Providing a library containing various sciences, knowledge and cultures, and facilitate the organized scientific research.

Cultural cooperation and exchanging experiences with cultural institutions and research centers inside the United Arab Emirates and abroad to achieve the human cultural unity.

Contributing in spreading the scientific publications, and preparing studies and researches that serve the human culture.